Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello, Smart Run

Smart Run has launched in the iTunes App Store!

Smart Run is a running game with a good dose of learning  mixed in. 

You are running along a hilly fenced trail. A clue floats by above you. Soon, you come by a fork, where you have to jump to the right path based on the clue. 

Smart Run is fun for all ages and interests. Even a young kid can identify pictures of animals, things, food, tools and their names. Others may choose to run and jump while practicing their counting. Upgrades within the app get you arithmetic (Even full grown adults have been known to break a sweat while multiplying and dividing in a fraction of a second), maps, famous structures and spelling skills. The game gives you full control on what topics you want to enable depending on your interest and knowledge level.

As you get right answers, your score goes up, and so does the speed. Wrong answers and you lose points, and early on the run slows down a bit to let you catch your breath. If you don't jump across to a path in time, you fall off the cliff and the game ends.

A typical cycle begins with a hint floating by above you:

Next, you come to a fork, where three paths present three choices:

You swipe to jump towards your chosen path and the other choices fade away:

Smart Run works on iOS 4.3 and later, on iPhone 3gs and later, and on all iPads. It is also optimized for iPhone 5. 

Smart Run can be downloaded from iTunes.   

For more information, check out our website.   

You can connect with Smart Run fans (which includes us, of course) on our Facebook page or our Twitter account. We would also love to hear your suggestions, feedback or any issues you need help with directly by mail

Smart Run was developed by my family - Subha (my wife), Aadi (our five year old son) and Anand (me). More about us and how Smart Run came into being in this post. 

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